The Preveli, or Phoenix as it is called officially, on the south coast of Crete, about 40 km south of Rethymnon. It is a unique sandy beach, beautiful, with a small forest of palm trees that make it seem exotic. At this point, the beach, and at the mouth of the river Kourtaliotis, which is enough water even in summer. It forms a small lagoon before flowing into the sea. So he who chose this beach for swimming, has the unique opportunity to swim in salt or sea water or freshwater lagoon and the river!

Also fantastic experience for visitors is to walk and climb River. The palm trees on the river provide shade and rich soil is smooth and sandy. At times one could believe that it is an African oasis.

Because this picture gives the unusual environment, the beach is very popular destination for tourists even from the 1970's, when they came and camped here many hippies who made huts with grass and branches from palm trees. This continued until late 1980.

Because the beach is open to the South affected by the winds.

Preveli Preveli