South Crete

In the South of Rethymno, Plakias, Agia Galini, the two most popular tourist resorts in the region (the most massive slabs to the west and more short-range Agia Galini to the east) have hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars with special appeal to tourists.

Triopetra vast, covered with gray sand, in an area, and fits even 10,000 people, do not ever collect more than 100! The three huge rocks at one end of the straight eye catcher.

Plakias sandy beach dominated mainly by European tourists. Agia Galini offers rides on the main walkway to another era apartments, cafes with bamboo chairs, restaurants, jewelry shops and jazz bars. But it is worth visiting the nearby beaches where the boats swoop offered organized excursions. .

South Crete South Crete